Practicing Tamaeshigiri or test cutting.

7272 Sherbrooke St
Montréal, QC
H4B 1R2
(514) 557-3006
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Montreal Kenjutsu Dojo teaches a koryu or “old style” of kenjutsu. The style has been passed down 24 generations from the style's founder. The curriculum still holds the elements taught by the founder such as Kenjutsu, Jojutsu, Iaijutsu, and others.


The school is accepting dedicated and disiplined students from all walks of life (Students 17 years and younger require explicit parental permission and interview due to nature of the art). Classes are conducted at the Loyola high school campus every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm. Visitors are welcome, please call ahead
(514) 557-3006 in order to gain access.